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"Canvas in a Can"

“Canvas in a Can”
Queen of light ( brings you a new concept. A canvas in a can.
The idea came about when I was visiting a store promoting creative people and their products. The manager mentioned that 60% of his customers are tourists. He proceeded to show me the most popular items, small items depicting an African seen. Oh Boy! Are the big five popular! From that I concluded the item has to be small enough to fit snug into a suitcase, So that it can travel to the visitor’s home.
For companies looking for an unusual gift for their loyal customers this may be a good way to give them a gift that takes up a small space while in the can and “expands” into a 225 mm x 365 mm, 305 mm x 406 mm and 406 mm x 508 mm and is displayed in the person’s home or office.
For companies who prefer an assembled canvas they are encourages to look at a fully assembles canvas.
A photo printed on canvas may just be what you are looking for. Perhaps you would like it to be a motivator, the canvas with an inspirational quote printed over a part of the photo background can be this motivator.
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